The presence of a coach is so familiar in the arena of sports and business that we often forget that behind the scenes there have been many years of practice, advice and encouragement. More importantly, we can overlook the ongoing role a coach plays in maintaining and furthering the results of those they work with.

Pete believes coaching has a role to play in the sphere of worship, by helping pastors, worship directors and teams. His role as a Worship Director and his involvement in leading at national and international conferences and events has given Pete a breadth of experience to speak from.

He works with many denominations and strands of worship, helping churches find their true identity. This can take the form of a day event or regular gatherings over a longer period where the role of a coach really comes to life.

Topics often covered include:

Vision & Culture

Establishing where you are and where you want to be, and a plan to get you there and take the team with you


Helping individuals, teams and churches find their voice


Advice for Pastors or worship directors

Band Dynamics & Flow

Everything from planning sets and running rehearsals to smooth transitions and spontaneity

Tech Input

Tools and techniques for running successful AV and creative worship


Bringing out the best in both character and skill

There is an option for Pete to bring his band who can deliver specific input in the areas of drums, bass, guitars, keys or vocals and this could be followed by a worship night where Pete and his band lead.

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